Laima Nori
Oak Street Bookkeeping
North Branford CT 06471

About Oak Street Bookkeeping LLC

I started Oak Street Bookkeeping in 2007 to help small businesses and non-profit organizations achieve their goals in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Most of us start our business or an agency to fulfill a dream and to have more freedom and flexibility in our lives. We are focused on achieving our dreams, be it making something new, selling a novel product, or delivering an essential service to improve people's lives. To sustain our dreams we need to ensure that our finances are in good order - something that is not usually the topmost priority as we concentrate on establishing our business.

This is where I come in. I can teach you how to count your beans and provide you with a good foundation so that management of your business finances becomes less of a chore and potentially even enjoyable. I can show you how to use the appropriate software and customize it to your needs. I can help you identify the income streams are most profitable for you and which expenses can affect your bottom line. You can then focus on growing your business. Imagine the peace of mind, the freedom, and the flexibility that you can have knowing that your books in order for tax season. In short, I can help you gain control of your finances so that you can succeed in your business.

Contact me and I will help you to demystify accounting basics and show you simple ways to keep track of your money. It can and will be fun!